Let there be light

Just got myself an external flash unit. This is intended primarily for strobing and high speed sync, but I suppose I could also use it occasionally for portraits and events.



Looking back, I realize now that we were the main cause of our own disappointment. We had anticipated so much and waited for an act of God, yet did nothing ourselves to turn our hopes into reality.

Simply put, the world didn't end on December 21 of 2012 because nobody had the balls to push the big red button. =(


The photographer's wakizashi

My fourth Canon, I suppose.

1st - IXUS 105
2nd - EOS 600D
3rd - Powershot G12 (won in a raffle, owned for about 3 weeks, used for about 15 minutes, eventually sold)
4th - Powershot S110


Go Figure (2012/12/13)

Props to Lester for the idea of using an LCD screen for the background; it's a hell of a lot more convenient than setting up a diorama. I'll be using my own photographs though, partly out of respect for the copyrights of other photographers on the Net, but mostly because it'd make a more interesting challenge to create my own set of stock photos.

Total time for setup and experimentation:
  • 2+ hours

Random paraphernalia:
  • a reasonably large LCD screen for the background
  • a clamped desktop lamp for lighting
  • a sheet of paper as diffuser
  • a stack of books and my everyday black hat as the elevated base for the figurine


Canon Photomarathon 2012

This shot would have probably looked better if I had the fisheye lens with me.

The Canon Photomarathon of 2012 came to a close yesterday.


Irony and futility

Should have been studying, but was preoccupied working on a prototype program to aid in memorization.

The algorithm's not terribly difficult to figure out. In theory, it should be a bit more effective than typical randomization. Of course, that's unlikely to improve my chances of passing JLPT N4 which is 2 days from now.

After that, I'll throw in onyomi/kunyomi readings as well as English meanings; maybe even try to bring this over to Android for on-the-go review sessions. I'm terrible at creating user interfaces though.

Kanji list taken from the Genki I and Genki II textbooks.


Used goods, still good

Just purchased an Android device with extensive quality assurance testing at a fraction of the original cost.

I am now the proud owner of a secondhand 1-year-old tablet.

I bought this Acer A500 from a colleague primarily for reading notes and e-books in preparation for the upcoming JLPT tests.

Once that's over though, this'd probably be mainly as a portable image browser. The built-in USB port means that connecting to keyboards, card readers, or even portable hard disk drives is a breeze. If combined with a Wi-Fi capable card such as the Eye-Fi, this could prove to be a very handy tool for on-site checking of details and immediate feedback.

Of course, nothing beats a full-fledged PC loaded with proper software when it comes to file management and editing. Even the cheapest of netbooks could easily outperform high-end tablets when it comes to sheer specs such as storage space and device compatibility. However, a tablet is usually more than sufficient for any task done away from the work desk.



Taken with the IXUS 105.

Despite the market share of compact cameras being eroded by the proliferation of smart phones with decent optics and cheaper interchangable lens cameras, I think that there are enough people out there who still appreciate the balance between performance and size.



1st Manila Shutterbugs Photowalk

Just came back from the first Manila Shutterbugs Photowalk. Below are some of the images I captured as our group wandered through Intramuros and a bit of Binondo.


Canon Click, Print and Treat

Just got back from Click, Print and Treat, an event hosted by Canon Marketing Philippines at Hidalgo Street of Quiapo, the Mecca of local photographers. I initially decided to join for the purpose of simply practicing photography with models, but it turns out that the experience was much more educational than what I had expected.


Fashion Funshoot (2012-09-30)

Carrying several pounds worth of equipment on the right shoulder for 6 hours was tiring and painful.

Using a Lensbaby for most of the shoot was fucking inconvenient.

Identifying all the people involved was time-consuming.

Another round, please.


Six hours between sunset and sunrise

From Narita to San Francisco for my sister's wedding. All taken with my IXUS 105 since the 600D was stowed away.


Ate Judith's wedding


After months of preparation, sleepless nights, and emptying of pockets for everybody involved; my sister finally got married last weekend.




Just purchased the cheapest full-HD LED monitor I could get my hands on.

Samsung Series 3 T23A350 — pretty decent bang per buck


The Walking Man (volume 2)

In contrast to my previous solo photowalk which involved a single zoom lens (the EF-S 18-135mm), this collection was taken using only prime lenses (specifically, the cheapshit EF 50mm f/1.8 and the Lensbaby fisheye with the f/8 aperture).

Also, these were taken over several days instead of in a single session.

Although I also had the Lensbaby Sweet 35 in the bag, I had not encountered any subject recently which really begged to be taken with a selective focus lens. That piece of glass has rather limited use outside of portraiture.

Incidentally, I need to do a thorough check of the camera after this batch of photographs. Frequent switching of lenses is a recipe for stubborn dust on the sensor.


A few loose screws

Just bought a new cheapshit device for me to toy with.

I tested it a while ago, and it was surprisingly responsive (though my expectations were admittedly low to begin with). As it is, I suppose that regular customers could find this very useful. Imagine waking up at night and needing to go to the bathroom. No more need to fumble around for the light switch: Just walk in the general direction and the light instantly switches on as you approach it.

I have other plans for the gadget though.

With an additional transistor and an audio cable of suitable length, I reckon that this Taiwanese product costing Php150 could be turned into a simple motion detector for triggering a (D)SLR camera to take pictures. The butchering will proceed once I have a better idea of the sensor's range and sensitivity.

Amusingly, the group of LED lights (which I would have no need for afterwards) is of similar shape and size to Tony Stark's iconic chest piece.

I suppose that one could slap on a switch and a few batteries, then sew this to the inner side of a dark shirt for shits and giggles. VoilĂ ! Instant cosplay/Halloween costume.


An unsound mind in an unsound body

Yesterday, I went to the hospital for a pulmonary check up.

Waiting for my turn to see the doctor, I wandered through the halls at 8PM and noted that I was exhibiting the symptoms of having played too much Silent Hill.

 Seriously, these walls would have been fucking awesome if they were painted red

An unsound mind in an unsound body, but at least the imagination is somewhat healthy.