1st Manila Shutterbugs Photowalk

Just came back from the first Manila Shutterbugs Photowalk. Below are some of the images I captured as our group wandered through Intramuros and a bit of Binondo.


Canon Click, Print and Treat

Just got back from Click, Print and Treat, an event hosted by Canon Marketing Philippines at Hidalgo Street of Quiapo, the Mecca of local photographers. I initially decided to join for the purpose of simply practicing photography with models, but it turns out that the experience was much more educational than what I had expected.


Fashion Funshoot (2012-09-30)

Carrying several pounds worth of equipment on the right shoulder for 6 hours was tiring and painful.

Using a Lensbaby for most of the shoot was fucking inconvenient.

Identifying all the people involved was time-consuming.

Another round, please.