Celestial Clockwork

Here is a series of shots that required a little more brainstorming, planning, anticipation, cooperation, measurement, trial and error, improvisation, and luck than usual (even more so than the food photography attempt the week prior which was for another contest).



Front to back, left to right:
 Sprite, Tanduay Ice (original), Coke Zero
Tanduay Ice Yellow Paradise, Tanduay Ice Blue Illusion
Tanduay Ice Red Mirage


Smile Service: Openshoot for a Cause

This photoshoot marked my first use of the Nissin 866 Mark II for portraits. By then, I had already recognized the tremendous potential of using external flash, but this event also reminded me of how limited my current knowledge is.


Fireworks displays, and how I(S) blew the shot

Climbed up the water tower with 2 cameras and tripods for a better view.

Shameless self-portrait over. I'll get straight to the point.

If you're shooting on a tripod, never forget to turn off the image stabilization (IS, Canon)/vibration reduction (VR, Nikon)/vibration compensation (VC, Tamron) of the lens. It's a handy feature for handheld shooting but it turns tripod mounted shots into tripod mounted shits, as demonstrated below.