Front to back, left to right:
 Sprite, Tanduay Ice (original), Coke Zero
Tanduay Ice Yellow Paradise, Tanduay Ice Blue Illusion
Tanduay Ice Red Mirage

And if you happen to be curious, here's my order of preference and a rough idea of their flavors:
  1. original - citrus
  2. Yellow Paradise - tropical fruit
  3. Blue Illusion - bubblegum
  4. Red Mirage - cough syrup
That said, on to the geekier stuff.

The rear of this image represents the the RYB (red, yellow, blue) color model. Although outdated, this color model is still often used in the arts.

The RYB color model was eventually supplanted by the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color model since it allowed a wider gamut of colors to be reproduced for subtractive color mixing in printing processes.

Modern light-based displays (projectors, CRT monitors, LCD screens, etc.) use the RGB (red, green, blue) color model. This model is uses additive color mixing, and it is based on how the human eye perceives light.

Knowing all this, it is interesting to note that color reproduction via 3 primary colors is actually based on the idea of deceiving the human eye and brain.

For example, combining red light and green light will trigger a perception of yellow; while combining cyan pigment and magenta pigment will trigger a perception of blue.

However, combining red light and green light does NOT produce yellow light; and combining cyan pigment and magenta pigment does NOT produce a blue pigment.

What color combination essentially does is shorting the circuits in your brain such that the perception of a different color could be simulated. The brain does not distinguish between yellow and a combination of red and green. Thus, your mind will interpret the letters of this text as yellow even though the LCD display in front of you can only emit red, green, or blue light.

The term for this phenomenon is "metamerism".

Also, there is no specific frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum for "white" because "white" is the perception triggered when all 3 types of cone cells (with peak sensitivities corresponding to red, green, and blue) in your eye are equally stimulated/saturated.

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