Powershot S110: Review and Sample Shots


The late George Carlin would have probably frowned upon my use of the term, but I could think of no better words for describing the Powershot S110.

I bought this camera last December to replace my underwhelming IXUS 105. The S110 was released back in September of 2012, but I had intentionally delayed my purchase to see if it would suffer the dreaded lens error which had plagued it predecessor, the S100. Finding no such reports for this iteration of the S series, I finally got my hands on one.

My experiences thus far with the S110 have shown that it is a very capable alternative to bulkier DSLRs and MILCs. Here, I place emphasis on the word "alternative" because in no way is it meant to be a substitute for high-performance cameras. The convenient pocketable size comes with trade-offs, but at the same time, this little gadget has a few tricks up its sleeve which most entry-level DSLRs could only dream of.