It's not very effective...

However, your "Earth Hour" still does not address the issue of entropy.


AACP (2014-03-16)

Craving for more practice after the 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention, I soon signed up for 2 photoshoots for the following weekend. I later found out that this wasn't a good idea for sleep-deprived shooters, especially since the models greatly outnumbered the photographers.



Tunnels and cannons everywhere.
Freud would have had a field day at Corregidor.

A scientific alternative to religious delusion

Most of the elements that compose our bodies have experienced more fusion than the hydrogen and helium atoms of our current sun.

We're all reanimated bits of a stellar corpse; self-aware fragments of the previous star's carcass.

We were not the first to be here.

Perhaps all of humanity will also perish someday only to become part of something even greater.


Defying Sanity (a parody of Defying Gravity from Wicked)

Something has changed with my fees
My service just ain't the same
We're through with playing by the rules, ev'ryone's fair game
Too late, you've signed the contract
Even though the price was steep
There's not backing out
We'll fleece you all like sheep

Bend over, guys
Defying sanity
Jack up the the price
Defying sanity
And you'll never see it go down

And if you're wondering what inspired this parody, here's a clue:

Our service is "unlimited"



Pic of the day (2014-03-01)

Handsome Street
Ugly people are not allowed!!

I suppose street photography isn't always about trying to suggest sublime bullshit with pictures.