Let there be light

Just got myself an external flash unit. This is intended primarily for strobing and high speed sync, but I suppose I could also use it occasionally for portraits and events.



Looking back, I realize now that we were the main cause of our own disappointment. We had anticipated so much and waited for an act of God, yet did nothing ourselves to turn our hopes into reality.

Simply put, the world didn't end on December 21 of 2012 because nobody had the balls to push the big red button. =(


The photographer's wakizashi

My fourth Canon, I suppose.

1st - IXUS 105
2nd - EOS 600D
3rd - Powershot G12 (won in a raffle, owned for about 3 weeks, used for about 15 minutes, eventually sold)
4th - Powershot S110


Go Figure (2012/12/13)

Props to Lester for the idea of using an LCD screen for the background; it's a hell of a lot more convenient than setting up a diorama. I'll be using my own photographs though, partly out of respect for the copyrights of other photographers on the Net, but mostly because it'd make a more interesting challenge to create my own set of stock photos.

Total time for setup and experimentation:
  • 2+ hours

Random paraphernalia:
  • a reasonably large LCD screen for the background
  • a clamped desktop lamp for lighting
  • a sheet of paper as diffuser
  • a stack of books and my everyday black hat as the elevated base for the figurine


Canon Photomarathon 2012

This shot would have probably looked better if I had the fisheye lens with me.

The Canon Photomarathon of 2012 came to a close yesterday.