Ride the Lightning

Just spent the past hour staring out the window.

Incidentally, I need to save up for an off camera flash one of these days.

Images taken at f/8.0, ISO 100, shutter speed of 4 seconds, using the Lensbaby fisheye and a Canon EOS 600D with Magic Lantern for intervalometer.

I also purchased a dedicated camera bag just a few hours ago.

After nearly losing 400USD worth of equipment from the wedding last weekend, I thought it was time to get a more organized carrier to minimize the risk of misplacing things. Keeping several lenses in a regular backpack is like drawing numbers for the lottery: the first picks are always the most random.

 I picked a Rollei for its relative obscurity. The other alternatives (ex. Benro, Tenba) are too recognizable and their designers seem to have no intention of being discreet with the branding.

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