Six hours between sunset and sunrise

From Narita to San Francisco for my sister's wedding. All taken with my IXUS 105 since the 600D was stowed away.

16:16, PST

22:33, PST

The tragedy of having a window seat and a stranger for a seatmate is that bathroom breaks suddenly become an infrequent privilege.

Having learned that lesson, I made sure that I had an aisle seat on the return flight from San Francisco to Narita.

Aisle to my right, empty seat to my left. The extra space for stretching made the 10-hour flight quite a bit more tolerable.


Not wanting to drag along the weight of a laptop, I opted to bring the tablet instead.

It's a cheap and underpowered piece of shit that's prone to crashing (I've had it serviced twice), but it's still adequate for writing drafts and studying Japanese lessons.

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