Smile Service: Openshoot for a Cause

This photoshoot marked my first use of the Nissin 866 Mark II for portraits. By then, I had already recognized the tremendous potential of using external flash, but this event also reminded me of how limited my current knowledge is.

Several gigs' worth of crappy shots were taken, but it felt pretty rewarding when some experiments paid off.

And once again, the Lensbabies made an appearance after several months of absence. The two lenses were replaced free of charge since they were still under warranty, but having to ship both to the U.S. was a bit of a pain in the ass. I'm glad to have them back and free of focusing problems though.

Apparently, my success rate for portraits is even lower than that of street photography. Not much of a surprise there given my personal preference for candid shots and my lack of experience in directing poses . I've never been much of a people-person, so there was no shortage of awkward moments with models.

Surprisingly though, I didn't have any trouble chatting with fellow photographers despite being complete strangers to each other. Never underestimate the perks of having similar interests.

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