A few loose screws

Just bought a new cheapshit device for me to toy with.

I tested it a while ago, and it was surprisingly responsive (though my expectations were admittedly low to begin with). As it is, I suppose that regular customers could find this very useful. Imagine waking up at night and needing to go to the bathroom. No more need to fumble around for the light switch: Just walk in the general direction and the light instantly switches on as you approach it.

I have other plans for the gadget though.

With an additional transistor and an audio cable of suitable length, I reckon that this Taiwanese product costing Php150 could be turned into a simple motion detector for triggering a (D)SLR camera to take pictures. The butchering will proceed once I have a better idea of the sensor's range and sensitivity.

Amusingly, the group of LED lights (which I would have no need for afterwards) is of similar shape and size to Tony Stark's iconic chest piece.

I suppose that one could slap on a switch and a few batteries, then sew this to the inner side of a dark shirt for shits and giggles. VoilĂ ! Instant cosplay/Halloween costume.

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