That Lensbaby Guy

Just came back from a free photography workshop courtesy of JT Photoworld, Lensbaby, and Matt Granger (a.k.a. That Nikon Guy).

Besides the workshop lecture, we were supposed to have a photowalk around the area of Quiapo for some street photography.

Unfortunately, bad weather conditions meant that it didn't push through. Thus, we were instead forced to endure 3 gruelling hours inside the meeting area with 3 pretty girls striking various photogenic poses. Terrible, I know.

Let me out already...

Surprisingly, only 3 or 4 of us out of 50 or so people have had prior experience with shooting using Lensbabys.

Matt gave an introduction to the system, its features, how to use the optics, etc. Most of it wasn't new to me, but I did learn that the minor focusing issue present in both of my Lensbabys may be unique to my copies since Matt has never encountered it with his own lenses (and the guy undoubtedly uses them more than I do). I have also emailed the customer support for advice.

JT Photoworld also offered a 25% discount for attendees; something I would have availed of if I weren't already deep in debt. That Edge 80 will have to wait until next year...

Overall, it was still quite enjoyable even without the photowalk. I also got to meet Matt Granger in person, and those models allowed me to get a little more practice with shooting portraits using the Sweet 35. I have to admit that it was also rather gratifying to be able to share my own knowledge of the system with other photographers.

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