Another round at Quiapo

Practiced photography at Quiapo (again) while waiting for the technicians to fix my camera flash (again).

Quiapo's Hidalgo Street is a place that's overflowing with details. The crowded thoroughfare is clogged with people, wet market goods, cheap plastic toys, and umbrellas that blot out the sky with a vomit of color.

All these potentially distracting elements could pose a challenge for any photographer who wants to isolate the subject in the picture. Since I had an hour to waste as the technicians fixed my camera flash, I roamed around for another round of shooting practice.

This is the second time I've sent the external camera flash unit for repairs, but I have nothing to say against the company that made it (Nissin). That thing takes quite a beating: about 2 drops to the floor/ground for every shoot I take part in.

All of these were shot with my trusty Canon Powershot S110. For a bit of irony, the dial on this camera stopped working while I was on my way home. From the camera repair shop.

Fortunately, this gadget is still under warranty. However, that means another trip next week for another repair.


  1. where did you get your flash repaired and how much did it cost you?

    1. The name of the camera repair shop is "Shurdun", and they charged Php1,000 to have the bulb replaced.

      It works, but the parts they used appear to be different from the original.

      The flash which I sent for repairs was a Nissin Di866 II which supposedly has a guide number of 40 at 35mm zoom. However, I recently bought a YN 460 II which supposedly has a guide number of 33. Despite the lower specs, my YN 460 II is about 1 stop brighter than the repaired Di866 II at max power.

      If your equipment is on the higher end (ex. Canon 600 EX-RT), you might be getting a significant downgrade for a quick and cheap fix.