AACP (2014-07-06)

Yet another cosplay photoshoot.

As usual, there were about 4-6 cosplayers for every photographer that popped up. Although ratios like this mean more opportunities for practice, I also miss the regular fashion shoots where photographers outnumbered the models. It has been a while since the last time I got to observe the shooting styles of other photographers.

Aishiteru Anime, first anniversary.

Rainy weather.

This occasion also marks the first time I've used the shoot-through umbrella for lighting. Although significantly less portable than the Rogue Flashbender which I had been using until recently, the shoot-through umbrella provides much more even lighting over the subject(s).

It also spreads the light over the area. Handy for group shots, but possibly not the most optimal setup for individual portraits given my current preferred style (i.e. underexposed surroundings for subject isolation). I'll have to try the bounce umbrella option next time.

Given the weather, I was hoping that I could drag somebody for a shoot in the rain.

Unsurprisingly, volunteers were hard to come by and most of these umbrellas didn't get much use.

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