Toycon 2014

Days at ToyCon: 2
Number of purchases: 0

What sorcery is this!?

Anyway, cosplayers and photographers now have a new alternative to parking lots and staircases for possible shooting locations during conventions with the opening of the SM Mega Fashion Hall this year. The ceilings are high, the crowds are thin(ner), and the lighting is surprisingly decent.

Speaking of lighting, I've never seen so many photographers wielding external camera flash units from CD-R King. Given my history of purchases from that shop, I seriously wonder how long those things will last with regular use (not to mention the inevitable drops to the floor).

Granted, you can probably get several CD-R King units for the price of any single unit from other brands (Canon, Nikon, Nissin, even Yongnuo), but when you're carrying your own gear to different places, a single reliable unit is lighter than several possibly faulty ones.

Aaand that's the last entry for the skylight abuse series.
Yes, I went overboard.

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