Island in the Sun (Zambales 2013)

Taking a break from my toy photography spam for a bit of landscape.
Zambales: only 4 hours away from the Metro, and with plenty of eye-candy for landscape photographers.

Canoe Beach Resort

Nothing too fancy, but it's not that bad either provided that you don't waltz in expecting 5-star services or roach-free bathrooms.

They have a dining area, bedrooms, a pool, a spot for beach volleyball, and several huts for drinking or just hanging out.

I'm guessing that this view explains the location of the resort.

island hopping

The surrounding waters were surprisingly calm. I'm not sure if we just happened to come at a good time or that how it always is in the area.

Either way, the ride was smooth enough that I could keep the DSLR out without worrying too much about getting wet.

Anawangin Cove

The water in this area is ridiculously shallow. Not the most inconvenient place for committing suicide by drowning.

It's shallow enough that wading some 30 meters away from the shore with a camera or phone in hand isn't as crazy as it sounds.

Incidentally, the place also has a campsite...

...a freshwater river...

... and rocks to bash your head against. Much more convenient.

Capones Island

Possibly the most scenic of the locations we visited. Unfortunately, our stay here was cut short by incoming rain. We didn't even get to visit the lighthouse on the island.

Lord of the Rings, seaside edition.

There goes the Fellowship.

This happens to be the part when rain caught up with us. Slippery descents are no joking matter (more so if carrying expensive gear), but the view was worth the trouble.

4 hours simply wasn't enough for island hopping; we didn't even get to visit the second island. Other options which we couldn't avail of due to time constraints we trekking and a bonfire. Snorkeling and scuba diving were also out of the question for me because salt water makes handling of DSLRs a bit awkward. All in all, a thorough exploration would have probably required 3 - 4 days (without oversleeping).

There's always next time...

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