Go Figure - Bardiel: 13th Angel

I got home last Thursday to the sight of a crescent moon faintly veiled by clouds as it hung some 15° over the horizon. 5 minutes later, the camera, tripod, and figurine were set up ... and the moon was nowhere to be seen.

Although the lovely weather that night had denied me the epic background I had been hoping for, I proceeded to shoot anyway with standard light painting techniques.

LASER beams...

...and "Homura lighting"

That's a 1-meter fall if he tips forward, 5 meters if backwards.

Incidentally, I've been writing a guide of sorts for toy photography. I'll probably start putting the series up after the JLPT on December 1.Writing short tips isn't that difficult, but shooting enough sample photos to illustrate the points is a pain in the ass.

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