Go Figure - Suzumiya Haruhi (Middle School Version)

We had clear skies for a few hours earlier this morning (a rare occurrence these days) so I though I could give this month's competition a shot (theme: nightscape).

Since it's the only nearby place with an unobstructed view of the sky, this meant another visit to the water tower.

What I really wanted to shoot was star trails, but I'm already well-aware that any attempts to do so in the city would be ruined by light pollution.

Clumsily groping away in the darkness of the night, I accidentally broke the neck joint. To be honest, this particular Figma is rather terrible with its limited range of motion.

Now, I make do by stuffing the head with kneaded eraser.

Unsurprisingly, it's now significantly easier to pose her head, but that comes with the risk of the head possibly popping off at any time. Not exactly a pleasant idea when the ground is some 30 feet below.

Overall, it was a relatively straightforward shoot with a bit of light painting using my phone's LCD screen. Hauling photographic equipment up a rusty metal ladder and courting the attention of suspicious security guards were a bit troublesome, but those were minor inconveniences compared to nightly checks for clear skies.

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