Land of the Rising Sun (week 3: Fuchu)

More shots of Fuchu.

Okunitama Shrine

When people wait for something or someone, they tend to stand next to something. A post, a tree, a bench, a wall, anything. This lady, however, was just standing there. Were it not for the language barrier, the time of the night, and my preference for candid shots when on the streets, I would have asked for a closer picture. Maybe I should have?

Normally, I would have simply taken a shot without attracting attention, but the low light conditions meant either severely underexposed shots or excessive motion blur.

Random Observation #7:
It's standard practice in Japan to stay on the left side of the escalator so that people in a hurry may zip through the unoccupied right side. Since becoming aware of this, groups of people blocking escalators have become a pet peeve of mine.

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