Land of the Rising Sun (week 2: Showa Memorial Park)

A visit to Showa Memorial Park to see the tulips.

Many of the shots here could have greatly benefited from the use a graduated ND filter to keep the bright sky from being overexposed. Unfortunately, I brought none with me and I had to rely heavily on bracketing and exposure fusion to retain details. This may have been a less ideal workaround since most of the shots were hand-held and the scenes being photographed included moving people.

This scene left me with a strong urge to buy an airbed for myself.

Infrared works ridiculously well with landscapes with lots of foliage

IMG_2373, in-camera JPEG:
Canon's default JPEG image processing tends to blow out the highlights;
skies are often turned into a single mass of white

IMG_2373, direct JPEG conversion from RAW file:
Blue skies are retained, clouds remain distinct

Random Observation #3:
Apparently, one can wear just about anything in Japan without having to worry too much about fashion sense.

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