Land of the Rising Sun (week 3: Akihabara, Shinjuku)

Akibahara and Shinjuku.

Anime, games, and gadgets.
Be still, my geek impulses.

Evangelion for iPhones, perfume, razor blades even.

Random Observation #6:
Our visit to this particular establishment (Sweets Paradise Factory) revealed the answer to an earlier mystery. How do all those ladies survive the cold?


Lots of it.

The skinny lady sitting at the next table left us dumbfounded after she devoured plate after plate of sweets. 4 plates, with at least 6 slices of cake each. The way she timed each mouthful reminded me of the pacing of an Olympic swimmer. She was simply unrelenting, and we imagined what horrors her boyfriend must endure whenever they have a meal at any restaurant that wasn't eat-all-you-can.

I guess that most of the population is composed of walking calorie furnaces.

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