Land of the Rising Sun (week 1: Fuchu, Minami-Osaka, Inagi)

Japan's weather gave us a very warm welcome.

And my room's right next to the common bath. Not quite sure if I'd ever grab the opportunity to use it though.

Walked with coworkers to a nearby sushi restaurant some 30 minutes away from the office.

Oops. Did I say "walk"?
I meant "strut".

Went to an even more traditional restaurant nearby. My companions were a bit hesitant to try out the raw fish.

Passed by Inagi Creek on the way to Minami-Osaka. There were still some cherry blossoms left, but most were already gone due to the intermittent rains of the past few days.

Unimpressed with my earlier pictures, I returned to the same bridge later that night for another round. Shooting in wind and rain alone at night with nobody else to hold the umbrella was a bit more inconvenient than what I had expected.

It's interesting to note that rain doesn't register at all in the image when doing long exposures (15 seconds each for these).

10% alcohol's a nice way to warm up
after an afternoon and evening of rain.


A local shrine in Fuchu. I might snoop around a bit more one of these days.

We also dropped by Tachikawa.

And they just marched into the frame like a freakin' boy band.

Much alcohol was drunk that night.

Random Observation #1:
How the hell do those ladies survive the cold weather while wearing short skirts/shorts (even if paired with stockings)?

1) thicker/more efficient natural insulation
2) higher metabolism rate for burning calories
3) blood vessel constriction in extremities to preserve core body temperature
4) higher tolerance for low temperature discomfort
5) magic

Another detail worth noting is that everybody wears long sleeves. While this in itself seems to be a sound idea, I think it's far more reasonable to cover up the legs instead of the arms considering differences in the exposed surface area.

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