Land of the Rising Sun (week 3: Tokyo Tower)

For the finale: Tokyo Tower.

The adverse weather made the trip a bit more inconvenient than expected. Fortunately, gray skies don't look as bad in the darkness of night.

A long exposure shot through the transparent walls while riding the elevator to one of the viewing platforms. They're evidently aware that it's the view that sells.

A few transparent panels on the first platform. More modest female tourists might want to avoid wearing skirts when visiting.

On the second viewing platform, one could easily feel the tower sway a few centimeters with the strong winds. Even a tripod isn't much help when the floor itself is moving.

I could only imagine what it would feel like to be up there during the occasional earthquake.

White balance set to "tungsten" (3200K). The city lights actually look a bit warmer than this, but neutral and blue lights seemed more fitting.

When the exposure is dropped down a bit further, this city becomes reminiscent of the cyberpunk setting in Blade Runner.

The low clouds rolled in just a few minutes after we left the tower. The top isn't even visible anymore.

Inconvenient, but totally worth it.

Random Observation #8:
If the traffic light is not yet green, most pedestrians refuse to cross the street even when there are no incoming vehicles. As a Filipino, that's a level of discipline which I'm envious of. *sniff*

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