Pic of the day: 2012/03/01

A picture of my sister and her fiancé, shot in god-knows-where, California, taken on 2012/01/16.

They actually took me to the river docks for landscape pictures, but it turns out that my favorite shot for that day featured them instead. The lovebirds were playing around like kids, and I was lucky enough to be facing their direction at that moment for this candid photograph.

I wish this could have been composed a little better; maybe zoomed in a bit for tighter framing and pointed a bit lower to omit some of the blue sky instead of his feet. Still, it's not bad for a stolen shot... except it looks too much like a friggin' car ad.

Incidentally, they're done servicing my camera and I am to pick it up this Saturday just in time for an opportunity for more practice. Everything's still covered by the 3-year warranty, so I don't have to pay squat. It would have been nice if they could have done it faster though. If only CPS requirements weren't so high...

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