5th Philippine Cosplay Convention

Things to keep in mind:

1) Know the gear inside-out before using them for a shoot
More shooting, less fumbling. Models can only hold their poses for so long. Also, candid shots require quick reaction times.

2) Lensbabies and cosplay don't mix well.
Since the face must be in focus, the characteristic blur of the lenses fails to do justice to the details of the clothing. The only possible exception to this might be the Edge 80 optic.

3) Low shooting angles for subject isolation
In crowded spaces, shooting at lower angles puts the subject's face above the crowd. This positioning within the image frame makes it easier for the viewers to identify the subject of the image.

Note that this isn't meant to be used as an excuse for upskirt shots.

4) Dutch angles (i.e. tilted shots)
Know when to use it, and don't go overboard. It looks stupid when unnecessary.

5) Pretend to be confident
Some models don't react too well to photographers who don't seem to know what they're doing. Smile, be polite, show them the resulting image.


  1. me flash ka ba?

    also LOWER! LOWER! we need em pantsu LOL

  2. Not yet. The good ones from Canon would cost 16k or 24k, and I'd rather focus on getting better lens.

    As for the pantsu pics, screw that and stick to superior 2D. j/k

  3. Upskirt shots should not be illegal in cosplay photography coz the whole genre was built upon it.

    Let me say it clearly... the Cosplay Photography Genre was built upon the notion that people with lots of self-confidence would be very willing to strike a pose to get that perfect anime feeling, which actually includes the upskirt.

  4. Sadly, Anonymous (not me) is correct.

    But that's only for the ecci animes/mangas. if the character you're cosplaying is not from an ecci manga or a manga that doesn't show much, then you don't show much.