Canon Photomarathon 2014

Canon Photomarathon:
That once-a-year event that allows photographers to run amok without being annoyed by security personnel. It's somewhat similar to playing Metal Gear Solid without seeing a single exclamation mark.

Given that the contest has almost 2,000 participants, it would have been unrealistic for me to even think of being selected as a finalist. Thus, I simply took this event as an opportunity to play with various techniques (flash, reverse panning, zoom burst, motion blur, etc.).

Incidentally, methinks the entries from this year's finalists were significantly better than last year's submissions.

I used to be an adventurer like you,
then I took a photomarathon in the legs.

Jumping from a 1-meter platform may not sound like a big deal, but do it repeatedly (about 30-50 times) and your thighs and buttocks will be cursing you for the rest of the week.

THEME 1: circle, peaceful, fashion

THEME 2: cross, exciting, cityscape

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