Otaku Expo Reload 2014 (day 2)

Take pictures of cosplayers during Otaku Expo?
Why would I want to do that?

Just kidding.

Due to the limited space (typical of many conventions), I was forced to whip out the Rogue Flashbender once again. Sure, it's still significantly better than using bare camera flash alone, but the resulting shadows seem harsh after getting accustomed to larger light diffusers such as the shoot-through umbrella.

This time, tried to play with color gels and the white balance settings. The results can be fairly interesting for busy backgrounds.

However, the practice is mostly ineffective if done against plain backgrounds such as walls.

It seems that the standard solution for locations like this would be to use multiple light sources, then paint the background (rather than the subject) with colored light; no need to offset the white balance.

Unfortunately, my current budget limits me to using only 1 external flash unit.

The shot above could have been a hell of a lot better if I had remembered to set the focus distance to infinity again on the fisheye lens.

My apologies to the group for all of the inconvenience. OTL

Similarly, this shot would have been better had it not been severely underexposed.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to perform a quick review of photographs when a Class 4 SD card is loaded in the camera. That thing should only be used as a backup/last resort.

And that's about it.

Despite the delays and setbacks caused by the introduction of 2 stray kittens into the household, I'm glad that I had been able to attend this event.

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