It could have been worse

This was probably the most eventful shoot I've had to date. Incidentally, this was also the first shoot wherein I went all out with 3 lenses (standard zoom, fisheye, and a Lensbaby) and the flash + Rogue flashbender combo.

There was even a brief rainshower, but it ended before I could even coax one of the models for a shot. I realize now that this unusual peg should have been shared beforehand since the timing and duration of rain is never predictable.

In my excitement and carelessness, I actually left behind my zoom lens in one of the shooting locations and almost lost 20+k Php worth of equipment there. Fortunately, an honest gentleman happened to come across it and asked our group if one of us was its owner.

Faith in humanity: restored

Several hours of shooting with the external flash at relatively high power settings (1/8 - 1/1 and HSS) also seems to have triggered the unit's overheat protection, effectively shutting down for two hours. Slight exposure to rain may have also been a factor.

For a moment, I thought the bulb was already busted and I was already mentally noting the time and money a repair would cost.

This is the first shoot where I've made extensive use of the fisheye lens. Unlike the typical portrait lenses which tend to obscure the background with bokeh, a fisheye simply sucks in every bit of detail in the scene before it. It's a tool with great potential for presenting a model in a particular location.

Due to its insanely wide field of view, I had to pay special attention to objects that could potentially be distracting. For an open shoot involving multiple photographers, this also meant a lot of waiting for other people to move out of the 167° field of view. More than once, I also had to remove some stray piece of trash using my bare hands.

Faith in humanity: somewhat diminished again

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