Yokohama Travel Log

Went to Japan (again) for 2 weeks last November due to work (again).

Our office is located on the 9th floor.

During our few days off, we still found time to wander around

Fanboy moment 1: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

I couldn't find coffee beans at the supermarket though so I had to make do with a few packs of instant coffee.

Fanboy moment 2: Arc System Works

The company responsible for the creation of games such as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue happens to be in the same building where our office is located.

The 3rd floor...

...and their fancier entrance at the 4th floor

Despite our dormitory in Gumyoji being the furthest from the office (35 minutes away by train), staying there has its perks. The surrounding area has a mini shopping district...

...a shrine (or two?)...

...a park...

...a couple of ramen shops...

...and a river.

One of the nearby train lines leads to Narita Airport (technically, it's 2 train rides away)

The other train line (which we use to get to and from work) also passes through the Yokohama Station. From there, it's just a short walk to Minato Mirai.

Akihabara is a bit further up in Tokyo though.

Cats appear to be quite popular in Japan, but that 129,000 yen price tag for a Scottish fold was still unexpected.

A bit stalker-ish, but this lady had eyes which reminded me the model Kanda Midori.

Oni Koroshi (lit. "demon murder").

This one I bought from a convenience store out of curiosity (also, it was cheap). The package is deceptively similar to that of fruit juice drinks, but the alcohol content leaves a burning sensation as it goes down the throat. Not my cup of tea.

On the other hand, this cup of wasabi ice cream was a pleasant surprise. Imagine your typical ice cream (cold, creamy, and sweet), but with the distinctive spice of wasabi that sinks in after several spoonfuls.

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