Veni, Vidi, Vagari (I came, I saw, I wandered)

Nice (same pronunciation as "niece") doesn't get as much recognition as other cities such as Paris, Venice, or Rome, but this place turned out to be the photographic highlight of my trip.



This was the first day of our tour when I had the day to myself. Although being shown around by a tour guide makes it possible to know the history and trivia of a location, for a photographer, nothing beats the freedom of being able to wander at my own pace.

It pays to be prepared.

Despite the thunderstorm that lasted until noon, I insisted on heading out. Having a map is essential for exploring an unfamiliar city, but this was a challenge for somebody holding a camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Fortunately, I had a roll of medical tape in my first aid kit to help address that problem. Thus, I only had to look up to find my way around.

The nice thing about shooting at a tourist spot is that nobody bats an eye when a stranger points a camera in their general direction.

When inactive, the dancing fountains at the promenade (Promenade du Paillon) leave behind a glass-like layer of water which makes it ridiculously easy to photograph reflections.

The rain eventually subsided and gave way to a stunning sunset. This allowed me to capture a couple of dramatic silhouettes.

Before the sun sank below the horizon, I jogged back to the hotel to retrieve my tripod in preparation for twilight.

The fountains were impressive enough during daytime, but they looked even more amazing at night.


"Danbo, I am your father."

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