Veni, Vidi, Vagari (I came, I saw, I wandered)

Shot from a moving boat in the River Seine at night in the pouring rain.
In-Seine conditions, yes?



Eiffel Tower

They say that not many Parisians are fond of that black building in the distance.
Perhaps it's the French equivalent of our own Torre de Manila.

Arc de Triomphe

Invading nations had repeatedly marched their armies through the Arc of Triumph. This practice ended when the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was built beneath the arc to honor the memory of fallen soldiers.

Notre Dame de Paris

For the adventurers with iron stomaches, this cafe/restaurant can be found right across the street from the cathedral.

The Louvre

This crowd around the Mona Lisa reminded of koi fish in a pond.

When struck by direct sunlight, this glass structure casts rainbow prisms all over the floor.


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