Ozine Fest 2015 (day 2 & day 3)

Ozine Fest 2015

Incidentally, the management explicitly forbid (among other things) photographers from setting up mini-studios. As such, the overall output from the photographers of this event was a tad bit less impressive than usual.


It's hard to expect the management to respect convention attendees. (-_-)

Day 2:

Day 3:

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The current lighting setup (off-camera main light, on-camera fill flash) is yielding significantly better results than last year's single-light setup. However, all this equipment comes at the price of weight. 8 kilograms might not seem much, but the weight and the torque can significantly reduce the steadiness of the hands after a several hours.

Also, the failure rate for my 2 flash units and radio triggers was unusually high for this event (approx. 1 out of 8 shots). I often had to apologize to the cosplayers and excuse myself to figure out if the problem lay with the batteries or the electronic contacts. I hope that the problem could be eliminated by switching to a new system wherein the radio trigger is built into the flash unit.

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