CLOSING THE BREACH: Filipinos succeed where the rest of the world has failed

After the diminishing success of the Jaeger Program and the complete failure of the Anti-Kaiju Wall, the final solution to the kaiju problem came from the developing nation of the Philippines.

"Since time immemorial, our country has been mired in various problems. We figured that if could also share these problems with the kaiju, perhaps their progress would be impeded as well", explained Filipino scientist Juan dela Cruz. "This was the idea that inspired us to come up with OPERATION 'DI MAKAAHON (OPERATION YOU SHALL NOT RISE)."

"With the help of the U.N., we transported half of the population of MetroManila to a floating settlement which was assembled directly above the breach from which kaiju emerge."

"Counting on the Filipino's natural talent for generating trash and clogging waterways, we were able to seal the breach with a pool of refuse which is currently half a kilometer thick and still growing. Since then, no kaiju has been able—or willing—to penetrate this new line of defense."

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