Flashy moves

I thought I'd experiment a bit with basic flash. Without any willing models available at 12AM in the morning (or at any time on any day for that matter), I had no choice but to shoot myself.

Incidentally, my legs a still aching like hell from this series of roundhouse kicks 2 days ago

Just a simple exercise on second curtain flash (a.k.a. rear curtain flash).

My camera is now permanently set in this configuration because the images produced "make more sense" to the human mind. People interpret blur as traces of movement in the past while the brightest and clearest image is understood as a representation of the the subject in present. If that doesn't make much sense, just watch any action-filled video on an LCD monitor with a crappy refresh rate.

As usual, this setup involved cutting edge technology in order to get the shot. 

Go Go Gadget diffuser...

Been using a lot of tissue lately with this damned cold, but at least I've discovered a few alternative uses for the stuff.

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