Pic of the day (2012/04/02)

I climbed up the 30-foot-high water tower again for another round of astrophotography (for time lapse this time). As usual, the weather wasn't cooperative for long, so I thought, "Screw this, let's just do a pic for that competition."

Having only one dSLR and no volunteers to rely on, I had to make do with a point and shoot on a tripod. Currently hoping that the composition and deliberate ambiguity would make up for the lack of manual controls, noise reduction, and resolving power on the IXUS 105. Also, the pic's cropped a bit since 3:4 aspect ratio doesn't work too well for portraits.

Incidentally, that's the 600D in my hands. I was planning to use the Lensbaby fisheye for the timelapse, but that wasn't very visible so I slapped on the EF-S 18-135 instead.

I suppose that the astrophotography sessions could also count as a workout of sorts since that typically involves ascending and descending this structure 5-10 times as the hours pass.

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