TOEInty Five! Toei Animation Philippines Anniversary

This weekend happened to be a bit more interesting than usual, perhaps even moreso than the time I had at the Canon Photomarathon a few weeks ago.

I stumbled across this event at Eastwood Plaza, and I'm pretty sure there were no advertisements for it earlier. I would have spent the entire afternoon and evening there if I didn't have to render overtime for work. Then again, I wouldn't have even gone to Eastwood in the first place if I didn't have to render overtime yesterday. Also, my battery couldn't last that long since I didn't bother to charge them earlier.

To be honest, I'm not fond of events such as this since they focus solely on the most popular series and, while I do consider myself as an anime/manga enthusiast, my own personal favorites lie a bit on the obscure side. However, these events also have cosplayers aplenty.

While I usually prefer my photographs to be as candid as possible, I find it refreshing to be able to shoot left and right without having to worry about privacy issues. These people actually want to be photographed. Put amateur models together with amateur photographers and I guess it's a win-win situation, with both parties getting their own fix. I'll probably try to keep an eye out for another event such as this, even if only for the sake of practicing quick framing of posing subjects.

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